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Enjoy the easy and quick update of thousands of products on multiple websites in just a few clicks. Upload, update, and merchandise product information on multiple websites and marketplaces instantly. AI-driven monitoring tool will navigate and help you with daily business decisions on whether to increase or decrease the price, shift the marketing budget or launch a new campaign.


Collect Raw Product Data
From Anywhere

Structure and manage your product catalogs to have a single source of truth for all your product information. Start crafting product experiences by enhancing your product information with rich text, images, videos, and documents – and easily adapt it to your distribution channels and regions.

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Scalable, Flexible, Adaptable

Seamlessly share the latest product information across your channels to deliver more compelling customer experiences. Take control over your product information and stay ahead of the game with all your online stores. Ensure data consistency, monitor the completeness rate of your products, and make sure only the most complete product information feeds your online store, marketplaces, print catalogs and more.

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We Help Unlock
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WAY PIM’s user interface is straightforward, easy to use, and allows users to configure the PIM to support the way they work. Simply instruct WAY PIM on the products you would like updated, and just like that – a convient way to create, update, and merchandize your inventory is developed without having to manually do the work.

  • Generate A Rapid ROI
  • Increase Sales Conversion Rates
  • Produce High Quality Product Data

Empower Your Organization
To Innovate Faster

Filtering and exporting your products from site to site has never been easier. Compare and analyze your products and prices in real-time and receive updated notifications that makes it easy to change your website based on competitor analysis – created by the WAY PIM platform. WAY PIM can as well match the prices with your competitors instantly so that you can view your sales and conversions while still being in the market trends.



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